It’s time to learn
a new vocabulary word: Community Murals

Most people think a “Community Mural” is when you bring an artist to your community center to paint a mural. My new definition is so much more than that! I go to a local community, brainstorm with them about what they want on their mural, create a “paint by numbers” design for them to paint with me. This kind of community mural, with the new definition, gives the people ownership of their mural long after the wandering artist leaves the scene.

Story of the Murals
Every mural has it’s own unique story. On this link, click to see the mural as well as the story that goes along with it.
The Murals, and That’s All!
No time to read every exciting detail? More of a visual learner? Not to worry . . . visit here to just see the murals.
The Full Scoop!
If you are fully into my murals, and you want the full scoop, check this out for the murals, photos, recipes, folk tales and so much more!
About the Mural Man
Who is this Mural Man, and how did he get started on this project that has taken him around the world?
You know you’re going to love it, but it never hurts to know what other people think about the murals.
Contact and Contract
Wanna create some fun in your community? Contact the Mural Man to get the conversation started in your corner of the world.
In the News
The murals have frequently made local news and national news by way of newsletters, newspapers, Facebook, and radio interviews. 
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