Activities about Ohio

1. HISTORY.....The Mound Builders were Native Americans in the Ohio area who began to build burial mounds around 600 BC.  The Great Serpent Mound is 1,348 feet long.  It is a National Historic Landmark in Adams County, Ohio. To learn more about the mounds, see the lessons at Instructor Web.

2. HISTORY.....Tecumseh was one of the great leaders of the Shawnee people who tried to unite the tribes in defense of the oncoming settlers. If you come to Ohio, you can see the outdoor drama in Chillicothe, Ohio, every summer.  The National First Ladies Library provides a lesson on this leader.

3. HISTORY.....Ohio was a part of the Northwest Territory. As settlers continued to come, there were naturally conflicts. Once again, the National First Ladies Library provides a lesson about this territory.

4. HISTORY.....Ohio played a part in the Underground Railroad. EdSiteMent provides a lesson on Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad.  In addition to that, the National Park Service has several more lessons.

5. HISTORY.....One of Ohio's favorite sons is Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. Enchanted Learning provides a lot of coloring sheets to help young learners.

6. HISTORY.....Fortunately for Ohio, there is a lot more than one favorite son and daughter. It's easy to find lesson plans on Jesse Owens, Thomas Edison, Annie Oakley, John Glenn and a whole host of other Buckeyes.