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Rochester Fun Facts  

In the 1840's baby shoes were first developed in Rochester by Jesse Hatch. Around the same time, Amelia Bloomer developed women's underwear that was known as, you guessed it, "bloomers".

In the 1800's Sylvester Graham developed the flour that is used to make - think about it - Graham crackers. And you really can't fully enjoy Graham crackers without the help of Joseph Demerath, who first mass produced marshmallows in Rochester in 1895.

In 1904, the R.T. French company was the first to produce ready-made mustard.

Okay, it's not Rochester, but not far away LeRoy, in 1897, Pearl B. Wait created Jell-O.

If you eat too much of the above goodies, you may need a dentist. America's first gold tooth was developed in Rochester by J.B. Beers in 1843. Later, and also needed on those visits, Frank Ritter designed the first dentist chair in 1887. And, if all those sweets make you sick, in 1851, the first thermometers in the US were manufactured by George Taylor and David Kendall in Rochester.

All kinds of famous industries started or are based in Rochester. The list includes Western Union, Bausch and Lomb, Xerox, Eastman Kodak, and Birds Eye Foods.

The first enclosed urban shopping mall in America was Rochester's Midtown Plaza.

Famous People from Rochester

.......Susan B. Anthony - who fought for women's right to vote

.......Frederick Douglass - an abolitionist who helped Harriet Tubman with the Underground Railroad

.......Entertainers - Buffalo Bill Cody, Bud Abbott, Jay Silverheels, Mickey Rooney, Bette Davis and Kirk Douglass spent various amounts of time in Rochester.

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